Team LKS 2022

Past Results

2021Team IL Midwest Showcase (IL) 2022AA Div Runner-up

2021 Victory Summer Slam (PA) 2022 AA Div Runner-up

2020 LA Ohio Lax Fest Varsity Platinum Div Champs

2020 LA King of Queens (IN) HS Gold Division Runner-up

2019 King of Queens (OH) HS Boys Gold Division

2019 Ohio Lacrosse Fest (OH) HS 2020 Gold Runners Up

2019 Country Lax Fest 2021/2022 HS Division Champs

2018 Bluegrass Lax Fest (KY) U13 Silver Champions

2018 Lax-n-Nati (OH) 2018 – 2022 Division Champs

2017 Lacrosse Roads (IN) U13 Gold Champions