Home of Louisville Kings

KLSC is the home for LKS and L4 Lacrosse. All LKS and L4 teams train and compete at this unique state-of the-art facility located in Middletown, Kentucky.

King Louie’s Sports Complex (KLSC), opened on October 2015, is a 46,000 square foot state of the art climate controlled facility consisting of 2 indoor turfed fields, turfed training areas and the home for EDGE Sports Performance, L4 Lacrosse and LKS Lacrosse. Completed in February 2017 and modified in March 2019, KLSC added 2 outdoor sport fields. The full sized field is synthetic turf and lighted for night games. The field is lined for Lacrosse (boys & girls). The smaller field (60yds x 35yds) was upgraded in March of 2019 to a lighted, artificial turf, dasher board field lined for boys lacrosse (7v7, Box) and girls lacrosse (7v7, 8v8). This is the first fully functional, lighted and correctly lined outdoor dasher board BOX field in the Southeast.

LKS will host tournaments and play dates with local and regional teams at KLSC. If you have an interest in scheduling a play date with one of our LKS or L4 teams, please contact Mike Havill, Program Director, or one of the Team GMs directly. Individual Team contact info is located on the Team pages.

Website Link: http://www.kinglouiesports.com/

Google 360 degree pictures of KLSC – CLICK HERE